"Precious Bricks"

briques noires

The Precious Bricks installation part of the exhibition is a tribute to those who built and who continue to build this town. I found these bricks discarded at the rear of a neighbouring building and carried them to my atelier little by little. I cleaned them up, I washed and dried them. I gave them a new face, like a precious object.

I gave them a name. On one side of the brick Wesley Lin, a young student I met in the Museum of History of Wang Shu, painted on each stone, one of the 50 most well-known family names in the area.

brique brique

Each day the public was invited to touch the bricks, to take them in their hands, to turn them upside down and to play with the space as they wished. Within the installation, a soundtrack was made of voices, the voices of the people who live and work in the City, or the museum, every day

What was the origin of their joy ? Joy certainly comes from deep sorrow. But joy appears when Man is able to connect with his inner light and shine for others to feed on.

The last day of the exhibition, it was announced that the precious bricks would be offered to the public and signed by the artist …