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texte nourit masson sekine

texte nourit masson sekine texte nourit masson sekine

Translation from Hebrew to French of the poetry of Schmuel Maayan

Édition des Lieux Dits, collection du Loup Bleu, strasbourg 2022

Avis de parution

texte nourit masson sekine texte nourit masson sekine

"Douleur et Souffrance : un entre-soi du corps en crise", p.147 - 168

Collectif Pandora, actes du colloque à l’Institut Français et à Université de Kyoto - Japon en 2020

La Douleur à l’Oeuvre - corps, art, folie

texte nourit masson sekine


Photography and poem : Laurent Ziegler, Bildrecht
Butohdance: MIrjam Morad
Graphic Design: Agnes Steiner
Photo Editing: Markus Woergoetter

A Sea of Being" is a bi-lingual publication English, Japanese, the first edition is limited to 500 copies. 80 pages, 89 images ISBN; 978 3 200 04371 8

Forward by Nourit Masson-Sékiné

texte nourit masson sekine

Space of formless in Ankoku Butoh, another humanity. From page 275 to 299 in :

Monstres contemporains - ISBN : 978-2-84835-320-3 - under supervision of : Céline Masson et Catherine Desprats-Péquignot

What are the new Golem, new Frankenstein? What are the Stalking Cat and other physical transformations? The modernity knows a myriad of "monsters". Man did not stop representing it, imagining it, then, with the development of science, trying to produce it - (...) The red wire of this work is the question of the body ; showing in these created figures the contemporary scene, whether science is represented by the artists art work or by the medicine which re-questions the forms of the living. A reflection in the articulation of the artistic creation and literature as reflection of the society, the new forms of medicine and psychoanalysis.

texte nourit masson sekine

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  1. p.11-14 : intro sur ma présence en Chine
  2. p.101-106 journée dans l'oeuvre de Wang Shu
  3. p. 128-133 photos de Hangzhou
  4. p. 178-187 poème et photos
  5. p. 205-216 images du livre

texte nourit masson sekine

Publication de "11311 Gura-Gura"
poème inédit dans PAYSAGE ÉCRITS (page 51 à 54) https://sites.google.com/site/revuepaysagesecrits/archives/numero-12
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texte nourit masson sekine

“Limitless landscapes", the Spring of the Poets event was the opportunity for rush lovers to call for contributions at the beginning of February. Our choice is contained in this collection : 15 poets and their "limitless landscapes" : http://billets.domec.net/post/2011/05/16/Infinis-paysages-est-publi%C3%A9
The retail cost of the collection is 5 Euros. Order details and any postal costs are set out on : http://domec.net/?appel=appel#vous_

texte nourit masson sekine

Preface and cover for the autobigraphical work of the dancer and choreographer Maura Baiocchi : "Butoh Dança Veredas D'alma" ed Palas Athena (1995, in Portuguese).

A painting of the author  on the cover is a tribute to Kazuo Ohno. This preface relates the history of Butoh and the particular context of the creation of Butoh and its theory.
This preface provides answers on understanding why foreign artists have drawn matter from the Butoh experience to question again their own identity.

texte nourit masson sekine

Introduction to "The Autobiography of Abel Pann" Ed.du Cerf 1996

Pann was a Jewish painter of Russian origin. Born in 1883, he emigrated in 1905 to Paris. He lived at la Ruche and Montparnasse, and attended the famous " École de Paris". He was a cartoonist, a caricaturist and a painter. He emigrated to Jerusalem in 1920 and became "the Bible's only Jewish painter". This introduction provides an opportunity for a brief history of Jewish artists, mainly emigrants from Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 20th Century in Paris, and an overview of life in the "Holy Land" before the State of Israel was created.

texte nourit masson sekine

Collaboration on "The Modern Scene" - world encyclopedia of performing arts in the  second half of the 20th century-under the direction of Giovanni Lista, ed Carré and Acte Sud, 1997

Background documentation for chapter XV, "Happening and Performance", and for the text and visual material for Butoh in chapter XVI, "Theatre and Dance Theatre".

texte nourit masson sekine

"The Courage of Living for Dying" Ed.du Relié, 2000, Albin Michel for Paperback version in 2002.

How do people in good health come to terms with the the idea that one day they are going to die ? Questions on finality, decease, someone else's death and one's own death. This book is the synthesis of chance meetings to collect thoughts for a planned artistic installation, a sound and visual presentation, which took place in 1997 at the Strasbourg Cinébal. The success and public interest in the project have prompted the writing of this book. Meetings with Sogyal Rimpoché, Alessandro Jodorovsky, André Chouraqui among others.

texte nourit masson sekine

"Psychism and creation" Psychoanalytiques Perspectives, ed Esprit du Temps  2004. Collection of articles under the direction of Céline Masson.

Thoughts on creation by psychoanalysts and a few artists to draw up a metapsychology of creation. "Put your tongue out in the rain" pp 267 to 297. An essay on memory and  corporal identity in Butoh dance.

texte nourit masson sekine

"Artes cenicas sem Fronteiras" Ed. Anadarco, collection of articles under the direction of Adriana Vaz Ramos.

Text based on the lecture delivered at the Japan Foundation, Sao Paulo on 2 February 2006. "Butoh : a philosophy of perception - an erotisism of relations with the world, an art of non-dance" Pp105-120.
It presents Butoh in the context of avant-garde movements in the post-war world of art, and its specific development since the sixties.

Round table on the occasion of THE "PRIMAVERA" festival of the DESIGN OF ART 1997 in BARCELONA (PDF in french)
Tales for children and parents looking for a publisher ...
Full Moon Rabbit
Child of War