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Visual and sound staging at the Aubette - Ciné Bal, Strasbourg 1997.
Collaboration of : Dorit Cypis for the slide show ; Jean-François Frering for the realisation of the chairs ; Hervé Cellier for the sound effects ; Jacques Schaab for the video images.

How do people live when they are confronted with an awareness of their imminent death or the death of a loved one?

No one can explain death but starting from the subject of death we can rid ourselves of its certainty and dogma, give ourselves the right


to fragility, to irrational thought, to a simplicity which is humble and wholly human. This visual and sound space has been created to enable every one to isolate himself or to share the space wth others, to isolate, if he so wishes, each sense, sight or sound, or to link them up.

Action pictures in a slide show ; projection of pictures of people against the light ; video pictures ; snatches of sound coming from the four corners of the space. Each visitor is given infrared head-phones on entry. He can hear 9 voices, according to the frequency.
The length of each one is between 15 and 50 minutes depending on the frequency chosen.
This art piece, through its approach to the subject matter and artistic concept, opens up a reflection on the meaning of life.

It poses questions on the sounds, images and creative act which are conveyed by knowledge and make up our varied identity.

"An extraordinary human dimension is to be found in this work" 1997 DNA Serge Hartmann.




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