"Nourit M.S. is an artist through and through. Her career deserves a careful look.
Her journey through interdisciplinarity, painting, sculpture, photography and writing, provides us with an acquired treasure.
Her travels from Israel to Japan, her life  in France mean that she can stand back and look in an incomparable way at human relations, at art, at our society." L'Alsace 2001




How do nature, time, the sky fit into the scheme of things ? We look for signs inside silence. Is superstition a reading of absence, is interpretation the meaning of silence, is  imagination the way it is written ?
In the supplication of  hands, unclasped or tight -knuckled, a jar of shit shatters on the ground. What stays in, what stays out? In/out.
Does our relationship with the world fit in with this dialectic?





"What comes first? The world or Man?"

"Heaven is everywhere". Image 1/3 : exploration of the relationship of parallel images and a third type which virtually comes from nowhere, through the linkage of ideas, or a plastic association. Networks of links stand out which make our view of an object fluctuate.








Photos : end of 90's to 2000'