The exhibition : AB OVO in demonstration

The installation lays stress on intentional non-doing, on wandering in the travels of the artist's mindset.

For us it means sitting down and reading giving, free rein to reflection and imagination, dreaming, liking or not liking-even, violently so - and going so far as buying a concept or leaving it to one side.

The particular place of a viewing is, as it were, an invitation to think about it.

Here, we are proposing to the public, in an installation, texts to be uncovered and read.

The opposite of daily observations, infinite meanderings, sketches, sometimes already finalised, which lead to the finished article.

These projects just concluded are, in a way, different expressions of thought in movement as it is being impregnated.


Like a language comprising verbal sketches, preliminary thoughts which take form as a project, at the same time as it becomes a potential viable work or even before.

They are markers of the process of creation, as they move from side to side, up and down and through its very being.

They are portraits of the mind at work, of the dynamic intellect outside time and thereby within the time of creation. It is not a link of cause and effect between what precedes a real creation and a finished work-like a sketch before a sculpture or an architectura/building but thought processes with their own internal synergy, whatever the time or circumstances : a linking construct, a product with countless possibilities;


The place is a means for preparing a public for a written work in progress, works conceived like a show house of creative synergy.
The aim is not aesthetic but metaphysical ; non-doing producing certain effects.
In this separate journey, projects under way beat time with the cerebal organ conducting each project.

Why are so many projects unfinished ? Because the artist is called on to make offers for which there is no demand.

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Artistic survival kits : an ongoing event initiated by the Arts Parliament


artistic kit for the seeds of survival

2 : "RED THREAD ":

the survival kit is wrapped up. It can be unwrapped at any time by whoever can find the wherewithal for survival and the red thread without which no life can breathe. »