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Here is an overview of the collections made up in a single year, between 2009 and 2010. Altogether some 130 elements which my regular updates have enabled you to find.
The page of collections, formatted for the first time at the end of March 2010 by James Pierrez from this site’s cover page, was visited more than 10.000 times in July.
You have followed my work in great numbers. And I suppose you have no doubt read the collection”Poem to Di”. I am most grateful.
If I had published this poetry with a publisher, it would, no doubt, not have been printed in more than 300 copies and would have been read by a restricted circle of readers.
Well, between 2008 and 2009, access to the collection, in the m@nuscript category of the editor’s site leoscheer.com, has meant that, in a single year, there have been 867 readings, of which 538 were download ! Thanks to its appearance on the site, where I could read readers’ comments and sometimes even dialogue with them, I have decided to create one-off copies on paper. Each piece will be different.
Each one will be the visual, tactile or even sound manifestation of this Love Poem in 54 parts. But for now on, I am going to continue creating my books/objects with a view to forthcoming exhibitions. And you will be able to follow developments on the page “updates” and “books/objects” of the present site.