Nées sous X - 2020

Years 2020-21 of successive confinements, media hysteria and political inconsistencies. A global appearance, Big Pharma is feasting! Worked Chinese paper, ink and watercolour. Big Brother's eye and particles melt the landscapes.


Le Coeur des Hommes

Exhibition of Nourit Masson-Sekine "The heart of Man" was held within the Freud Museum of Dreams, behind the windows space, positioning themselves as if the artist herself was one of his dreams. The exhibition based on two acts : miniatures paintings as archetypes of the monstrous followed the second : a blue series forming a line demarcating part and other space of the room of dreams. Visitors, in the dark were put in situation to follow the enlightened blue ligns to discover the miniature works all mixed on purpose with the usual figures of the virtual world of the dreams of Freud. The fright engendered by the disturbing figures perfectly cohabited with the unconscious suggested by the layout of the place of the Museum. No need to actually search for these monsters, as it eventually manifest itself to visitors by surprise, hanged here and there, in every corner behind the glass space. The monstrous suggested was not only present by their subject, but by the surprising development of their appearance in the exhibition area. Images recalling in very subtle ways the darker sides of Human Kind ...

"Les 7 Joies" - Ningbo 2013


Nature/Culture, Myths In my atelier, I choose to work with inexpensive Chinese paper and to transform it, in order to let the original flow of the fibers appear and ber reborn in a different texture. Chinese Ink. The mysterious and most complex "black of smoke" is like medecine for the paper, as beauty is for the soul. Acrylic paintings for a touch of color and elastic texture meet the softness and its freely fluid element to follow the intention of the energy of the brush. Under the white light of the sky in Ningbo The presence of 3 rivers The mountains of traditional paintings, the endless presence of new buildings. The disappearance of the ambiance of the village, old traditional modes have faded, mountains were pushed away, the sea shore is not accessible except for the industry… China wants to be proud of its modern appearance on the account of its traditionnal modes, and authentic charms. More questions, for more debates - the time to assume choices on longer terms would avoid future sorrows… More buildings, more mountain paintings … Like the Greek Gods, Sun Wukong is playing with us - and laughs!

"Le Coeur des Hommes" - Saint Petersbourg 2014