"Zaratustra" Sao Paulo 2006
costume et scénographie

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"Un art de la non danse"
conférence sur le butoh

"Avant-garde art is to be seen especially in the radical opposition to representation's realism.
The fifties were turned upside down by a new genre and by new concerns. And they signalled the disfigurement of the established order in art history. The artists of that era are going to systematically question the characteristics and physical existence of a work."

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"The body without organs - Eros and Thanatos"

Discussion leaders :
Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek-directors of Taanteatro Co .
and Nourit Masson- Sékiné : multidisciplinary artist,
specialist in Butoh dance, chi-kong master.
Training of performing artists from 15 to 30 January 2006
Time:140 hours certified by the theatre school.Sao Lourenço da Serra
Sao Paulo - Brazil.


"Sky is everywhere"
Montréal 2005

Salon B. Fondation Alfred Dallaire - 21 septembre 2005.
Presentation of the book "The courage of living for dying "Nourit M S. There are words we say to talk of what we do not know. This discussion will try to fill in the gaps around this absence of meaning .... The choice of theme for this book, which was originally a visual and sound, creation, came to me from the night. When I awoke one morning, a voice, a sensation, no doubt an inspiration, came to me. The voice said to me : you will work on death.... Today I am presenting two plastic works 1 : the blue series and 2 "the Kiss" on the bridge... To me it is only an attempt to visualise by other means, another language, the same search for awareness. Letting time stand still, entering another dimension, opening our presence to awareness,to listening, to light-dilation at the heart of daily life. [...]

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"No Man's land is a State"

Action - On the right side : France. On the left side : Germany Situation : a village cut in half since the end of the war, a bridge, the remains and a memory of a frontier, two languages, two churches, a great deal of resistance to creating more bridges between the two halves of the village.

Action taken by : Inder Salim,artist and specialist in public art,from Kashmir living in New Delhi and passing through Strasbourg.
Nourit Masson-Sékiné, multidisciplinary artist, who no longer counts the crossings ; Vincent Malarte, artist from Avignon still on the bridges of Gruber city.